SPECIALIZED RESOURCE GROUP Specialized Resource Group or SRG is a Veteran Owned, California-based, licensed, insured private investigation and security firm. SRG has more than 20 years of experience in providing private investigations and security services to the public. Since its founding, SRG has focused its efforts on providing high quality, customer-oriented service to individuals and businesses.

History of SRG SRG was founded by Bud Adams to fill the need for quality private investigative and security services. Through the years, SRG has embraced the latest in technological advances in surveillance and information-gathering techniques and has refined its practice to include the best in modern protocols for private investigations. SRG uses methods that have proved successful over the years in solving complex, sensitive problems for individuals and businesses. Clients recommend SRG because the company provides unique solutions for finding hard-to-obtain information and communicates clearly with clients about what to expect from a private investigations and security firm.

Geographical Service Area of SRG  SRG serves clients in California, throughout the United States, and internationally.

Fee Consultation Policy of SRG  Every client receives a free initial consultation so that fees and scope of work product are well understood before any services are started.

Confidentiality And Privacy Policy of SRG  SRG adheres to strict standards regarding confidentiality and privacy of information. SRG will never divulge any information to anyone about a case without the client’s express permission. All investigations and security operations are performed under California legal guidelines.

Our Staff at SRG  Our staff at SRG is composed of highly trained, skilled, gender and culturally diverse personnel with backgrounds in Law Enforcement, Military and the private sector. Combined we create a dynamic team of private investigators and security professionals able to exceed the needs of our clients.

Our security professionals are among the top in their field with decades of experience in Law Enforcement, Military Special Operations, and Private Sector Security Specialists. These experts have experience protecting celebrities, dignitaries, and executives worldwide.

Bud Adams, Private Investigator—The Heart of SRG  Bud Adams, president and founder of Specialized Resource Group (SRG), has over 2 decades of experience in private investigation and security, successfully closing more than 6,500 investigative cases, including numerous high-profile investigations. His specialty is tracking and monitoring human beings and gathering intelligence, with an industry-wide reputation for finding the hard-to-find information after all others have given up.

Prior to starting his career in private investigations and security, Mr. Adams honorably served in the United States Army as a Power Equipment Engineer in a Special Forces (Airborne) communications unit. He also served with the California Army National Guard as a Scout Observer in the Long Range Surveillance Unit (Airborne).

Once in the civilian sector, Mr. Adams established himself as a fraud investigator, conducting workers’ compensation fraud surveillance, interviewing claimants and providing litigation support. After starting his own firm, he quickly expanded into corporate business intelligence, internal theft, family law and threat mitigation investigations. He later added security services, providing executive and dignitary protection.

While his firm conducts all types of investigations and specialized research, most of its work is focused on covert surveillance and protection operations, especially those connected with threat mitigation and monitoring individuals around the world. His clients have included law firms, municipalities, law enforcement agencies, Fortune 500 companies, motion picture production companies, large corporations, exclusive private schools, celebrities, and hundreds of individuals who have needed protection or assistance in locating information. He has worked with both municipal and federal law enforcement agencies, including a multi-agency task force.

Mr. Adams has managed security and threat protection for various political fundraisers and special events, and he has worked in high-threat situations and provided personal protection for entertainers, CEOs, and foreign and domestic dignitaries, including former President Bill Clinton, a member of the British royal family, and members of the Saudi royal family.


Some of our clients include:

Aerospace Companies

Amusement Park Companies


Church Organizations

Construction Companies


Family Trusts

Former United States President

Fortune 500 Companies


Hi Tech Industry



Insurance Companies

Jewelry Stores

Law Enforcement Agencies

Law Firms

Member of the British Royal Family

Motion Picture Productions


Non Profit Organizations

Private Persons

Private Schools

Professional Sports Team

Property Management

Recording Artists

Retail Establishments

Small Business

Trucking and Transportation Companies

TV Productions