Insurance AOE COE

(Arise of Employment / Course of Employment)

Insurance AOE COE Experience teaches us that claimants will often exaggerate their disabilities. This type of falsification results in dishonest claimants collecting more money than they deserve. Through our detailed investigation SRG will gather the crucial evidence to ascertain the employer’s liability for compensation. Using thorough interview techniques our Investigators are trained to accurately obtain the essential information to determine the validity of the claim. We will gather detailed information from the claimant, witnesses, human resources, and obtain incident scene diagrams/and or photos if necessary. Our detailed interview reports are vital tools for identifying a potential malingerer.

SRG works closely with the SIU Departments of numerous insurance companies and third party administrators. Our purpose and function can vary from reviewing a single case assignment to managing a large volume of assignments in multiple areas.

We provide the following services in the area of AOE/COE Investigations:

  • Recorded Statements
  • Scene Photos & Diagrams
  • Transcription of Statements
  • Background Checks
  • Still / video photography*
  • Release of records forms*
  • Courtroom Testimony*
  • Activity Checks