Domestic Surveillance in Los Angeles

What do I need to know about domestic surveillance?

Spousal Surveillance is the method used to discover if spouses are cheating on each other. It can involve husbands, wives, boyfriends or girlfriends. Also referred to as “tailing someone” it is the technique of putting an investigator out in the field that follows the suspected cheater to document their activities without their knowledge. This is accomplished by recording their activities on videotape.

I’m embarrassed about even talking to someone about this.

We regularly get calls from people who suspect their spouse or significant others of infidelity. It is nothing to be embarrassed about. What you are seeking is peace of mind about something you are not sure of. It is natural to seek to determine if your suspicions are real or imagined. We invest a tremendous part of ourselves in relationships. It is natural to want to determine the strength and integrity of that relationship.

What if I am wrong?

After your domestic surveillance in Los Angeles, if there is no evidence the subject is cheating, you will have gained peace of mind about your relationship. Since our spousal surveillance investigations are 100% confidential, you will not have risked sacrificing the relationship if you are wrong.

Is domestic surveillance legal?

Surveillance is the process of documenting what is going on in the world of an individual. As long as we stay within the law while conducting our investigation (i.e. not trespassing, etc.), domestic surveillance in Los Angeles conducted by a licensed detective is completely legal.

What are the fees charged for domestic surveillance?

Surveillance is billed on an hourly basis plus a mileage charge. Rates are dependent on where the surveillance will take place. As a general rule, in remote areas, the rates are a bit higher. Before the case is started, a strategy is established depending on the circumstances and your needs. Once this plan is in place a budget can be established. Domestic surveillance services in Los Angeles are payable in advance of the work being conducted. Payment can be made by credit card (over the phone if you wish), or by cash, check or money order.