Workers Comp Claims

siu-1SRG operates on the cutting edge of technology utilizing state-of-the-art surveillance equipment. Our Investigators specialize in obtaining all the essential evidence to fight a fraudulent claim. We use professional commercial grade digital video and photographic products equipped with night vision capabilities. Our vehicles are equipped and specifically designed for professional surveillance. Having the right experience is as important as having the right equipment, a cohesive alliance of both is what we utilize during the course of every investigation.

SRG works closely with the SIU Departments of numerous insurance companies and third party administrators. Our purpose and function can vary from reviewing a single case assignment to managing a large volume of assignments in multiple areas.

We currently provide the following services in the area of Workers’ Compensation Claims:

  • Sub-Rosa Surveillance
  • Courtroom Testimony
  • Scene Photos & Diagrams
  • Clinic Inspections
  • Written/Recorded Statements
  • Preliminary Activity Checks
  • Backgrounds Checks & Locates

* Surveillance videos available in various media formats, i.e., CDR, DVD, VHS