How to Know if Your Spouse is Cheating

If you suspect your spouse of cheating, you may fear you are reading too much into actions or words. The truth is, you may not be. Unfortunately, statistics show that 41 percent of all marriages will experience some form of infidelity. While video surveillance has been ruled acceptable in some cases by California’s Supreme Court, it is also important to have professional investigators handle any surveillance issues. This way, you can avoid violating privacy laws when looking for a cheating spouse’s signs and symptoms.

The list below is intended to highlight common signs of spousal cheating and act as a guide on how you know if your spouse is cheating. If you suspect any form of unfaithful behavior, Specialized Resource Group may be able to help you confirm your fears or put them to rest with professional surveillance.

How to Know If My Partner Is Cheating

If you have noticed any of the following, it could be a sign your partner is cheating:

Sudden Change in Habits. Having maintained a fairly consistent schedule for years, now your partner has suddenly started spending more time outside the home without you. Perhaps your partner has started spending longer hours at work or taking more business trips but does not seem to be making any extra money. Maybe he or she has started spending more time hanging out with friends without you. These can all be signs that something is happening that your spouse does not want you to know about.

Decreased Interest in Sex. Though you have never had a problem initiating sex, you feel your partner is more hesitant or has lost sexual interest with you. Perhaps you have stopped having sex altogether. The spark seems to be gone and your partner seems to have little interest in reigniting it. There can be a variety of reasons for this type of behavior, including illness, but cheating is also a common cause of loss of sexual interest.

Easily Distracted. Your partner is extremely distracted and is often found daydreaming. Where you once talked for hours, your partner does not initiate conversations or continue them with you anymore. He or she seems to ignore or lose interest in what you are saying or doing. This could be a sign or symptom of a cheating spouse, especially if the partner is mentally disengaging from the relationship—an attitude that is often spurred on by infidelity.

Unavailable While at Work. Does your partner seem to disappear when he or she leaves for work? You may text or call, but you get no response. If you stop by the office unannounced, your spouse gets angry even though it is acceptable for you to do so. Does your partner express disapproval of you meeting his or her co-workers, especially those of the opposite sex? Has your partner begun making excuses to leave you out of work functions? These are all signs of a possible work-related affair.

Breakdown in Communication. Your partner has stopped returning your cell phone calls or returns calls much later than usual. He or she was always prompt before, but now seems almost irritated or distracted when calling back. Your partner is no longer transparent about his or her schedule, perhaps even becoming defensive when you ask about it. These are signs that your partner may be engaged in illicit activity.

Change in Phone Behavior. This is a telltale sign in today’s world for how to know if your spouse is cheating. Has your partner become very secretive about his or her phone? Perhaps the partner leaves the room to take phone calls now, when before he or she had no problem with you hearing the conversation. Maybe the phone bill shows long phone calls to a strange number or frequent text messages. Your partner has begun deleting text messages and phone logs or has unknown contacts that he or she seems to communicate with frequently. Perhaps you have noticed quite a few “hang-up” phone calls or strange voice mail messages. You could have even found a phone card in your partner’s things, though you know he or she has no need of one, or possibly even a “burner” phone—one that is bought with pre-paid minutes and can be thrown away after use. These phone behaviors are often indicative of a clandestine relationship.

Change in Computer Use. Many of today’s affairs begin on the computer. If your partner has begun using the computer while alone, ensuring you are not there, this is a sign that he or she is talking to someone else and is a clear sign of how to know if your spouse is cheating. Perhaps your partner is even attempting to use the computer in a secretive way, quickly exiting windows when you walk by. Perhaps you notice that the Internet web browser history (which is a record of the web sites you have visited) is continually deleted. You may notice that your partner has set up a new e-mail account and has not given you the information. Maybe your partner continually deletes e-mail to prevent anything from being seen or read. These are all classic cheating behaviors indicating a possible “online” affair.

Evidence of Another. Everyone is familiar with the heartbreaking reality of finding physical evidence of an affair. Your partner’s clothing has a lingering smell of perfume or cologne that does not belong to you. Perhaps you notice lipstick or other stains on clothing that cannot be explained. Your partner may have even started doing laundry separately from yours. These are very strong signs of an affair.

Unexplained Expenses. You have noticed a number of unexplained receipts in your partner’s things or on your bank statement. Perhaps your partner has begun carrying cash when he or she did not before and may not be able to explain why. If you have access to your partner’s private account, you may have noticed strange charges to credit cards or frequent cash withdrawals. These may be signs of an affair and also signs that your partner is making a financial exit plan by attempting to hide money from you.

Suddenly Concerned with Your Whereabouts. Has your partner suddenly become overly concerned with your whereabouts? Is your partner angry when you show up before you are supposed to? Though your partner may not be transparent about his or her movements, you are expected to be. This is often the case when a partner is cheating, particularly those who are somewhat controlling to begin with.

These are some of the most common signs of a cheating partner. If you need advice or assistance investigating an unfaithful partner, please contact our office, toll-free, at 866-596-4567. SRG is proud to provide its clients with the most professional and discrete solutions to their problems. We can offer sound advice and help for spouses and partners who must gather needed evidence of extramarital affairs.