Why choose specialized resource group

Specialized Resource Group (SRG) a full service, licensed private investigations and security firm based in Southern California. Your visit here shows how serious you are about finding answers and solutions to difficult problems. Whether you are a private individual or business your case is very important to us. For over 20 years, SRG has been a leader in inovative technology and emerging investigative techniques that solve highly complex and extremely sensitive problems for individuals and businesses. SRG’s highly skilled and specialized staff come from Law Enforcement, United States Military, and the private sector. Every client receives a free and confidential initial consultation where fees, solutions and course of action are clearly defined. SRG has developed a reputation for providing confidential, cohesive investigative solutions, obtaining hard-to-find information and providing professional security services for clients large and small. SRG offers simple ways to get your services started including online form submission and acceptance of payment by all major credit cards. At the conclusion of your case investigative findings including surveillance videos can be quickly accessed by e-mail. Now that you have the facts, make an educated decision and feel confident in your choice. Hire SRG today!