Litigation Support

litigation-1Increased litigation in America today has created a high demand for professional litigation support specialists. Whether you have been accused of a crime, in an automobile accident, had a slip and fall, or are in the midst of a business deal gone bad, SRG’S investigative team will identify and document the vital evidence for your case. litigation-2Our cohesive teams of investigative specialists work side by side with your legal te2am to make certain that all facts are uncovered. Our staff members have years of specialized research experience in criminal and civil cases and are committed to diligent investigative support of your case.

We provide the following in the area of Litigation Support:

  • Statements / Interviews
  • Transcriptions of Statements
  • Video recorded Statements
  • Trial Preparation
  • Public Records Research and Retrieval
  • Service of Process
  • Witness / Defendant location
  • Jury Polling
  • Surveillance
  • Scene Diagrams and Photos