Witness / Defendant Location

Specialized Resource Group Witness / Defendant Location

A hundred years ago, people regularly walked away from their lives and reappeared somewhere else, often with a different identity. These runaways might live their entire lives without being suspected or found by those they left behind. A man on the run from a family he no longer wanted to support, a criminal trying to escape the law or a shady business dealer could easily pop up somewhere a few hundred miles away and start a new life.

We provide the following in the area of locating people:

  • Skip-tracing
  • Loved Ones
  • Witness/Defendants
  • Missing Persons
  • Runaway Teens
  • Service of Process

It is almost impossible these days for someone to completely disappear. Social Security numbers, employment and bank records and even Facebook pages have lead to the discovery of someone who was hiding from the consequences of his or her actions.

In fact, something known as a “digital footprint” will almost inevitably lead a determined searcher to the person for whom he or she is looking. A digital footprint refers to the phenomenon of traces left online from the use of email, website browsing and interaction with others. The fact is that almost everything we do today is recorded somewhere in a database and is often accessible to others.

Specialized Resource Group utilizes digital footprints and other information to find witnesses and defendants who may not wish to be found. We can locate the witness, defendant or other person quickly and give you all the information you need to bring the person to justice or secure the help of someone who may be less than cooperative. There are several types of “disappearing” people SRG helps to track down, including:

The Accidental Witness

Not everyone who is hard to find is “hiding out.” For example, a witness to an accident may leave his or her name with the police but that name may subsequently be lost. Specialized Resource Group is able to track down these types of witnesses with the slimmest of data and get you the contact information you need to contact the witness for a lawsuit or other purposes.

The Reluctant Witness

There are also cases where a person does not want to be involved in a case and tries to hide from subpoenas or other legal forms of summons. In those cases, it may be more difficult but these witnesses can usually be located. Specialized Resource Group has experts who know how to track down and find a reluctant witness and get that person’s information back to you quickly.

The Deadbeat Parent

If you are trying to track down a parent to pay child support or someone who owes you money, Specialized Resource Group can help. Our location specialists have been able to find many deadbeat parents as well as those who have absconded with company funds or committed other financial fraud.

The Lost Person from Your Past

Specialized Resource Group has handled cases of finding birth parents, old partners or family members and even runaways. Specialized Resource Group is ready to help you with locating those who may not want to be found. If you are searching for someone, contact us today to see how we can help.