Private Investigator Background Checks Orange County

Performing background checks is an essential part of many investigations. In fact, submitting to a background check has become a requirement for many employment positions

However, there are many state and federal laws governing what type of information can be collected in a background check, what is illegal to obtain and how this information can be used. It is very important to hire a company to perform background checks that understands these laws and is prepared to get effective results within the limits of these laws. For the best results, look to conduct your Orange County private investigator background checks with Specialized Resource Group.

What Types of Background Checks Does Specialized Resource Group Perform?

  • Pre-Employment (With Consent)
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Nationwide Civil
  • Nationwide Business (Corporation, LLC, DBA)
  • Bankruptcies, Tax Liens, Foreclosures, Evictions
  • Real Property, Vehicles, Business Affiliations
  • Driving Record Background Checks

Our basic search begins at $250 and can be customized to fit your personal/professional needs.

General Background Information

Generally speaking, in order to perform a background check for employment purposes, the subject must be aware of your actions. This means that you cannot just randomly perform background checks on those who apply for a job with you. Conducting a private investigator background check in Orange County for pre-employment purposes requires a written consent signed by the applicant and the potential employer. Credit checks require consent and must have a permissible purpose.

Special Background Check Circumstances

For example, you might want to run a background check on a person you have started dating to learn if there are any secrets in his or her life. You may also be suffering from harassment or other problems from an individual and need a background check to build a case against this person.

Specialized Resource Group can help you with your next private investigator background check in Orange County. We run many types of background checks and can get you the information you need in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, we will not perform illegal background checks; we always make sure our actions are above board to prevent trouble for us or for you with the authorities.

With the help of Specialized Resource Group, you can soon learn everything you need to know about a person’s background and history and make an informed decision for hiring, rental or personal reasons.