Corporate and Business Profiles

Corporate and Business Profiles

Are you thinking of doing business with a company but do not know much about the person/organization? Before you invest thousands or tens of thousands of dollars into a business relationship, it is a good idea to have a reliable private investigation firm run a corporate background check and create a profile of the company for you. Specialized Resource Group is able to give you a quality business profile on any company and save you the heartache of dealing with a business that is not what it seems.

Corporate background checks start as low as $250. Call SRG for pricing.

Business Fraud—A Sad Fact

Unfortunately, there are thousands of companies doing business throughout the United States who are not what they appear to be. While these companies may not be doing anything that is strictly illegal, they may break their promises to their customers, engage in shady transactions and generally defraud those who trust them.

Fraud is a very real crime that is committed every day in the business world. Unfortunately, not every dishonest business is caught and even when they are, not everyone charged with fraud is convicted. Fraud can be a difficult crime to prove and some businesses continue to dupe customers as long as they are able to do so.

Technology such as the Internet has made it even easier for scammers and dishonest businesses to defraud innocent customers. All someone has to do is set up a website and it appears as if he or she is running a legitimate business. However, without a business profile to learn more about the company, consumers should be very careful and aware of the potential for fraud.

How Company Profiles Can Help

There are many ways a corporate or business profile from Specialized Resource Group can help prevent you from making a very serious mistake, such as:

  • Identifying officers and employees. Sometimes people have hidden behind a company name because their own reputations have been ruined by scandal or other problems. A good company profile identifies all the key players in the company. This allows you to quickly make decisions based on your knowledge of a company’s employees.
  • Identifying if a company has assets (real property) and liabilities (judgments, current and past litigation history)
  • Identifying inconsistencies in advertising.Does a company tell you that it has 10,000 customers but the profile indicates only 100?
  • Finding past complaints. Many websites such as Yelp and the Better Business Bureau offer customer feedback on companies, but how do you know you are seeing the whole picture? A good company profile will uncover serious complaints filed with state agencies or others about a particular company, giving you an advance notice that others have been dissatisfied.

Specialized Resource Group can give you the help you need to identify good and bad companies and make informed decisions about the businesses you support. Contact Specialized Resource Group for a fast and professional company profile on any business.