Electronic Eavesdropping Detection TSCM(Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures)

Are you vulnerable to electronic eavesdropping?
Have your communications been compromised?

eaves1eaves2Corporate espionage in the global marketplace is real and on the rise. Its many forms include the threat of kidnapping and extortion, stalkers, or intrusions into your private affairs. But by far the most pervasive of these forms is the utilization of electronic surveillance devices to secretly acquire information. Despite the laws designed to protect us from these types of invasions of privacy, bugs and wiretaps are regularly used to spy on people involved in sensitive business meetings, litigation, divorce, and well-to-do individuals. Imagine if all of your conversations with friends, business associates, your lawyer, doctor or accountant were being monitored by someone! Don’t let your privacy be violated by someone illegally bugging your home or office. If you or your company is concerned that your office or home may be under electronic surveillance of any kind, SRG can help. SRG provides discreet, cost effective, and professional Electronic Eavesdropping Detection. Our technicians are expert at discreetly locating phone taps, room bugs, microwave transmitters and many other types of listening and video recording devices.

We provide the following services in the area of Electronic Eavesdropping Detection:

  • Corporate Meetings
  • Residential Sweeps
  • Commercial Services
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Mergers / Takeovers
  • Protecting Trade Secrets
  • Phone Taps
  • Hidden Video Cameras
  • Listening Devices
  • Labor Disputes
  • Industrial Espionage
  • Protecting Financial Information