Legal Surveillance

surveillance-1Judges, juries and opposing counsel find videotape and photographic evidence more compelling than any other type of evidence. When appropriate and authorized, SRG may assign an investigative team to engage in surveillance, observing and documenting pertinent activity and gathering crucial information. SRG operates on the cutting edge of technology utilizing state-of-the-art surveillance equipment. surveillance-2Our Investigators specialize in obtaining all the essential evidence. We utilize service professional, commercial grade digital video and photographic equipment with night vision capabilities. Our vehicles are specifically designed for professional surveillance. Having the right experience is as important as having the right equipment, a cohesive alliance of both is what we utilize during the course of every investigation.

We provide the following services in the area of Service of Process:

  • Telephonic Statements
  • In Person Interviews
  • Witness / Defendant Location
  • Accident Investigations
  • Evidence Handling
  • Recorded Statements
  • Surveillance
  • Public Records Research and Retrieval
  • Scene Canvassing and Diagrams