Executive Protection

ep1SRG specializes in providing premier protective services our clients can depend on.We employ highly trained, seasoned, gender and culturally diverse Protection Operators focusing on maintaining the safety and security of our clients and their environment without compromising their privacy. Whether the client is a private individual, corporate executive, foreign dignitary or in the entertainment industry, we aim to provide discreet professional services. ep2We understand the need to feel secure while pursuing everyday activities and thatdiscretion is the key to our clients’ comfort. Our protective service teams tailor their activities to improve our clients working environments while maintaining the highest safety and security levels available.


We provide the following services in the area of Executive Protection and Security:

  • Armed Executive Protection
  • Route Surveys and Advanced Planning
  • Workplace Violence
  • Hostile Employee Termination(s)
  • Special Events / Venues
  • Estate Security
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Command Post Operations
  • Electronic Eavesdropping Detection
  • Stalkers located and Identified
  • Covert Video Surveillance
  • Valuable Items Escorts
  • Crime Suppression operations
  • Security Drivers
  • Travel Security