Specialized Resource Group Private Security Los Angeles

When you are looking for investigative or security services in Los Angeles and Southern California, Specialized Resource Group is your answer. As a private investigation firm, SRG offers a range of investigative services including the location of missing persons and bodyguard services, including providing personal security for individuals as well as guard services for companies. The team at SRG is happy to provide any investigative- and security-related services our clients need. When you need private security in Los AngelesSRG can provide you with a professional guard who protect you and work with you to ensure you are safe.

You can have peace of mind that your case will be handled with the utmost professionalism and discretion when you choose the team at Specialized Resource Group.

Does SRG Provide Security Services?

SRG is happy to provide a variety of Security Services including:

  • Events Security – Now a days, many venues demand security for any major events, especially those that draw larger crowds. If you have a corporate, fundraising or even private event that needs security, SRG is there for you.
  • Threat Mitigation – When you are afraid that a threat is looming, SRG’s highly trained and very experienced team can help determine the level of risk and provide any support needed to mitigate it.
  • Executive Protection – SRG specializes in providing the best protection services to our clients. We only employ the most highly trained and seasoned Protection Operators. These individuals will focus on your security and safety without compromising your privacy.
  • Uniformed Security Officers – When you need uniformed officers for industrial, commercial or residential locations, SRG can help. We have over 25 years of security experience, continuously providing our Southern California clients with the uniformed presence they need.
  • Electronic Eavesdropping Detection – Though illegal, electronic devices can find their way into your office, home or other private area. They can leave you open to many security risks and threats. Luckily, SRG is here to help you if you are concerned that you may be under electronic surveillance.

How Do You Choose You Security Staff?

Security is our business at SRG. Because of this, we carefully choose all of our security staff and investigators by ensuring that they are graduates of the very best private investigator training programs. These intense training programs include those that follow the protocols set up by the most recognized law enforcement authorities including the State of California Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. We are proud that many of our security staff and investigators have previous military or law enforcement training. The experience skills learned on these jobs can be put to use by our staff for any need you may have.

Do You Offer Security Consultation Services?

We understand that security and private investigation are about more than just discovering facts. Therefore, our ultimate aim is to increase the safety of our clients through the identification of any threats or problems, then coming up with a solution. Our team of investigators will never lose sight of our ultimate goal. We will make you safer. SRG offers security consultations as part of our range of investigative services. Our experienced team will inform you of any potential threats to your safety, your family’s safety or the safety of your employees that they have identified. They can also assess any possible risk of fraud or theft. When threats are identified, our team can help you form a plan to deal with them and reduce your risks.

Are There Any Advantages to Choosing Specialized Resource Group?

SRG has been serving California for over 25 years. During that time our customers have relied on SRG for their investigative and security needs. Founded by Bud Adams, SRG has been developed to fill the great need for security services and private investigation in Southern California. The advanced team at SRG will use the latest in technology to gather information, find hard-to-locate data and perform surveillance for our clients. At SRG, we only uphold the highest professional standards. We are always in compliance with all federal and state laws. When you choose SRG, rest assured that your security needs will be met throughout Southern California, the entire United States and the whole world.

No matter what investigation or private security you may have, SRG can meet them. The professional security specialists at SRG here to help you and will deliver the results you need with speed and discretion.

What Other Services Does SRG Provide?

Along with security services, Specialized Resource Group offers a complete range of services provided by our professional private investigators and private detectives. We continue to provide the best private investigation services for our clients, no matter the size of their how needs.

Our wide range of investigative services include:

  • Background checks – When you are hiring new employees, it is important that you verify their information to ensure they are who they are. When you need background checking services, SRG investigators are ready to perform a thorough background check using the latest resources and technology
  • Investigations of workplace fraud or theft – If you need a discreet investigation at your workplace, SRG is the company to call. We can aid you with determining if someone is stealing or putting your employees at risk
  • Location of missing persons – When you want to locate a grown child, a lost relative or even a former spouse, SRG can help through record searches and other investigative means
  • Insurance investigations – When you suspect insurance fraud, SRG’s team of experts can perform independent insurance investigations for both companies and individuals
  • Investigations of criminal conduct – When you fear someone is stalking you or if you have had vandalism or other crime committed against you, SRG can help. Our experienced team will work with local law enforcement to investigate the problem and find a solution
  • Investigations of child abuse – If you fear that your child may be in danger or is being abused, you must act quickly. Our discreet and understanding investigators can help you find the evidence you need to quickly resolve the situation
  • Investigations of marital infidelity – Our experienced marital investigators can help you compile the evidence you need for a divorce by investigating both online and offline behavior in a discreet manner

Private security in Los Angeles is extremely important. When you need the very best security and investigative service, be sure to seek the help of SRG.