Specialized Resource Group Private Investigator Los Angeles

As a private investigation firm in Los Angeles and throughout southern California, Specialized Resource Group offers a range of investigative services and bodyguard services. Our highly trained team is happy to help with personal security for individuals, the location of missing persons, and guard services for businesses or companies.

If you find that you need the services of a private investigator in Los Angeles, the knowledgeable and highly trained team at Specialized Resource Group can provide a professional detective or PI to work with you, protect you, and discover the important information that is necessary to assist you in your case. When you work with Specialized Resource Group, you can rest assured that your personal case will be handled professionally and discreetly.

What Specific Investigative Services Can SRG Provide?

Specialized Resource Group is happy to offer a complete spectrum of services including the unique services of professional private investigators and private detectives. Our focus has always been and continues to be on providing the most professional and discreet private investigation services for our clients. We are happy to help you, no matter how big or small your need may be.

Our range of investigative services include:

  • Investigations of marital infidelity – Those who suspect their spouse of infidelity can learn the truth with our marital investigations. Our team can discreetly investigate online and offline behavior. The experts at SRG can also help you compile financial evidence of any hidden assets. This can be useful to support a claim for asset division, alimony or child support. We will help you find the information you need to support your petition for divorce.
  • Investigations of criminal conduct – Those who fear someone is stalking them, have suffered from vandalism or some other crime committed against them, SRG is here to help. Our team will work with law enforcement to investigate the situation. We will never hinder the police from doing their jobs, but only help. Our team is often able to help when law enforcement is stretched too thin. With the help of the professional and discreet investigators from SRG, you can feel safe and confident that everything is being done to find the person(s) who committed this crime.
  • Location of missing persons – When a loved one goes missing it can be a devastating blow. Luckily, the team at SRG is here to aid in the search. We can go through record searches and other investigative means to help you locate a former spouse, lost relative or a grown child. The team at SRG is happy to help you find those who you have lost contact with.
  • Background checks – When hiring someone new it is extremely important to know that they do not pose a threat to you, your business or your family. SRG Investigators are able to provide background checks using the latest resources and technology. We are happy to conduct a background check as simple or as detailed as you wish.
  • Investigations of workplace theft, fraud and other actions – When you need discreet investigations into your workplace it is best to call the experts at SRG. When you suspect someone may be stealing or embezzling or putting your employees in danger, our company can provide you with the best people for the job. Whether you need workplace security or a full-scale investigation, SRG has the right experts to take care of any workplace issues.
  • Investigations of child abuse – When you fear that your former spouse or other person may be abusive to your children, you must take action immediately. Luckily, we can help. Our discreet and thorough investigators will quickly locate the evidence you need to take criminal action against someone or support your petition in court for sole custody.
  • Insurance investigations– When you suspect insurance fraud, our team can perform independent insurance investigations. We are happy to offer this service to both companies and individuals. When you choose SRG, our investigators can uncover any evidence that is necessary to show insurance fraud. This will certainly save you or your company a good deal of time, money and worry.

How Are Your Investigators Chosen?

At SRG we choose our investigators very carefully. We ensure that they are all graduates of the best private investigator training programs available, including the programs that follow the protocols and rules set down by recognized law enforcement authorities including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the State of California Bureau of Investigation. Previous military or law enforcement training are common among many of our detectives. These previous positions ensure that our investigators have the skills they need for our jobs.

Can SRG Help Me With Expert Investigative Services for Computers and the Online World?

The experts at SRG realize that many of today’s threats are not physical. Rather they can come through cyber-attacks on your personal information or your company. Luckily, the investigators at SRG are not only trained to offer physical protection, but can also help to identify threats to your personal or business online security. Our experts can give you the help and information you need to protect your private information and online identity.

What Are the Advantages to Choosing Specialized Resource Group?

For years, hundreds of customers have relied on SRG for their investigative and security needs. SRG was founded by Bud Adams as he saw a need for PI and security services in Los Angeles and Southern California. At SRG, we use the latest and greatest in technology to perform a range of services including surveillance as well as gathering hard-to-obtain data and relevant information for our clients. At SRG we uphold the highest professional standards and happily comply with all federal and state laws. SRG is happy to provide security and investigative services throughout California, the United States and internationally.

When you work with SRG it does not matter what your private investigation needs. Our team of highly trained investigators and security providers can meet any need with professionalism and discretion. The team at Specialized Resource Group are ready to aid you with your unique case and quickly deliver the results you need with a highly trained private investigator in Los Angeles. Contact us today and you will see how our team can successfully help you with your security issues and private investigation.