Specialized Resource Group Private Investigator Orange County

orange county private investigatorSpecialized Resource Group is a private investigation firm in Orange County that offers a range of investigative services. Our highly trained team can help you with the location of missing persons, marital infidelity and more. If you need the services of a private investigator in Orange County, the knowledgeable team at Specialized Resource Group will be happy to provide a private detective to work with you and uncover important information that is necessary to assist you with your case. If you choose Specialized Resource Group, you should know that your case will be handled discreetly and professionally.

What Types of Investigative Services Does Specialized Resource Group Provide?

Specialized Resource Group offers a complete line of investigative services, all conducted by professional private investigators. Our main focus is on providing the most discreet and professional private investigator services for our clients. Our team is happy to help you, no matter how large or small the job may be.

Our wide range of investigative services include:

  • Background checks – When you decide to hire a new employ, it is imperative that you know the truth about them and that they will not pose as a threat or liability to you, your business or even your family. SRG Investigators can provide you with background check services utilizing the latest resources and technology. Our background checks can be as simple or detailed as you desire
  • Investigation of criminal conduct – If you are fearful that someone is stalking you or you have suffered from vandalism or some other crime, SRG can help. Our professional team will work with local law enforcement to investigate the crime. We never hinder the police, rather we are able to help when law enforcement is stretched thin. With SRG, you will feel safe and confident that everything is actually being done to find the person(s) who committed the crime
  • Location of missing persons – If a loved one has gone missing, it can be devastating. Luckily, the team at SRG can help in the search. We are able to look through records and use other investigative means to aid you in locating the person. This can be a former spouse, lost relative or even a grown child
  • Investigation of child abuse – If you fear that your former spouse or another individual may be abusing your children, take immediate action and call SRG for help. A discreet and thorough private investigator will locate the evidence you need to take criminal action against the person responsible
  • Investigation of marital infidelity – If you suspect your spouse of infidelity, call SRG to learn the truth. Our professional team can discreetly investigate your spouse’s online and offline behavior. SRG can also help you locate evidence of hidden assets. This will be useful during asset division, or when determining alimony or child support
  • Investigation of workplace theft, fraud or other criminal action – If you need a discreet investigation of your workplace, call the experts at SRG. When you suspect an employee is stealing or embezzling or even putting other employees in danger, SRG can provide the best private detective for the job. When you need a discrete yet full-scale investigation, SRG has the right experts to help
  • Insurance investigation – If you suspect insurance fraud, our team can help by performing an independent insurance investigation. We can offer this type of service to both companies and individuals. At SRG, our team of investigators can uncover any evidence of insurance fraud, which will save you or your company a great deal of time, money and stress

How Do You Choose Your Investigators?

At SRG, we are very careful when choosing our investigators. We make sure that each one is a graduate of one of the best private investigator training programs available. They also know how to follow the protocols and rules set down by recognized law enforcement authorities, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the State of California Bureau of Investigation. Many of our private detective are have previous military or law enforcement training, which ensures that our investigators have the skills needed for the job.

Are There Any Advantages to Choosing SRG?

SRG was founded by Bud Adams, a man who saw the need for private detective services in Orange County and Southern California. The team at SRG uses the latest and greatest technology to perform a wide range of services, such as surveillance and gathering hard-to-obtain data, for our clients. SRG team members uphold the highest professional standards and are happy to comply with all federal and state laws. SRG is here to provide private detective services. Specialized Resource Group is ready to aid you with your case, promising to deliver the results you need through a highly trained private investigator in Orange County.